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Do you remember your first road trip or even your first trip on a plane? Travel changes you and how you see the world. It helps you think BIG.

As MD of HTS (Haniel Travel Solutions) , I’m extremely passionate about working in the travel industry, more especially travelling myself. I’ve been to perhaps more than 53countries in the last 18yrs and nothing brings me more joy than exploring a new country.

Every trip—whether it’s business or vacation—is always an education. From 1999-2006, I worked for 2 major cruise line companies in the world, living and traveling abroad was the best life education I had. My best and favourite city in the world, has to be Paris , it’s a magical city where you are definitely transported to experience romance, culture, shopping, history, art ...the list is endless. Why visit PARIS? Why not? My top 3 things to do and see, 1-Eiffel Tower, 2-The Louvre Museum, 3-shopping along the Champs Elysees!!!
PARIS will forever hold a piece of my heart:

In a way, this desire to explore and learn is in my DNA. I really owe it to my late mother who always encouraged me from a young girl to spread my wings and travel the world. So in turn I encourage anyone who is hungry for adventure to travel. My favourite quote being "the world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page....”

Education through travel is why I’m passionate about making it easier for others to see the world (and yes, it’s obviously good for my business, too). I’ve been working with other leaders in the travel industry to promote travel & tourism, stimulate global tourism, create new jobs and in turn increase economic growth. Travel is trade, and in SA we are taking steps to join countries around the world in recognizing the economic benefits of tourism and promoting freedom of travel.

Amazingly, last year people made 1 billion trips outside their own countries to see the world. We all traveled for jobs, fresh opportunities, a better quality of life, and for the sheer pleasure of a new experience or adventure. By living and breathing a new and different culture all the nuances of your new as well as your native culture come alive in ways too long to list here.

Travel will broaden your views and convictions. Moreover, it will make yourself more available to others giving you some kind of musing which will give you immense satisfaction. Another way you will get the selfless blessing from the people of the countries where you are traveling as well. So, throughout your life, as far as you can , just travel a lot. As it will make your body and mind so serene and clean that your money can’t buy it.

What I love about traveling is you will always return a changed person. Opened me up to new experiences and provided me with phenomenal memories.

What made you first fall in love with travel? I’d enjoy hearing your story. And I encourage all of you to get out there and See the World in 2014.

Stay Blessed!
Till next time...

Melany Sonia Pugin.

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